Topsy Tail Updo

Topsy Tail Updo 

Topsy Tail Updo is a fantastic way to brighten improve your Topsy Turvy Hair Bun. It is actually all to easy to do and just requires a couple of minutes to accomplish. Topsy tail Updo performs especially well on day old hair whenever your hair includes a little bit of natural oil inside it. Topsy Tail Updo is a great style so you can get the head of hair up and off your neck during those really scorching days this season and could be dressed down to get a running errands or perhaps a time at the pool; or it could be dressed up for a night out with this special date or with friends.

Topsy tail Updo

Give Topsy tail updo a try and make sure to allow me know very well what you think that in the comments below! I loved this style and also got a couple of compliments about it whenever I went out to lunch with friends! topsy-tail-updo and soon i will also share Topsy Tail Braid so keep in touch.Topsy Tail Updo is some how similar to Retro Roll Updo.

Topsy Tail Updo

How To Make A Topsy Tail Updo…

Topsy Tail Updo

Topsy Tail Updo Step 1, 2, 3 & 4:

Step 1: Separate off two 1? parts of hair on every side from the hair around the temples.

Step 2: Twist each section upwards and tie them together in the back of your head having a clear elastic tie.

Step 3: Grab two more similar sized sections beneath the first and repeat the previous steps, twisting them and tying them together.

Step 4: Tighten the twists so that they are close together and thoroughly pull the head of hair loose from your elastics to produce fuller twists.

Topsy Tail Updo

Topsy Tail Updo Step 5, 6, & 7:

Step 5: Make a third twisted section underneath the first 2, repeating the previous steps.

Step 6: Now set up a fourth and final twist, ensuring all of them sit next to the previous one so there aren’t any gaps in between.

Step 7: Tie the rest of the hair in to a low ponytail and wrap the elastic tie having a small portion of hair.

Topsy Tail Updo Step 8, 9, & 10:

Step 8: Twist the rest of the hair altogether.

Step 9: Wrap the twist in to a bun and secure it in position with bobby pins.

Step 10: Mist the design and style having a medium hold hairspray and you’re done with Twisted Tail Updo.

Topsy Tail Updo

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