40 Most Attractive Prom Updos for Long Hair Updated on July 2017

For all those graduating high school prom girls always make an effort to outdo one another in uniqueness of outfits and hairstyles. You will find young women who try and express bold ideas inside their looks and those, staying with the classic style, reflected in the images of tender beauty. Anyway, your prom updo should highlight your character and match all of the aspects of your lifestyle, as well as your dress, accessories and makeup. Acknowledging that the choice of hairstyle generally is the most important stage of your respective preparations for the prom, we’ve collected 40 various prom hairdos for very long hair you may consider for the senior ball. We’re also more likely to provide you with a summary of the freshest hair tendencies in 2017.

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Trendy Prom Updos 2017

The main element trend can be a naturalview in everything. Most trendy updo’s loosing and little messy. Voluminous chignons, abundance of strasses and colorful clip extensions go to the past. Any braiding, including French braids, have been in trend. Stylish buns may also be probably be in the mainstream. For further chic you’ll be able to embellish your bun possessing a classy tiara or thin hoops. Asymmetric hairstyles, covering one ear, are another trendy solution for prom hairstyles in the coming season. Generally your updo need to look young, fresh, girly, rather spontaneous and not too laborious. Don’t choose hairstyles which can make you appear too adult..

One Of The Most Stunning Prom Updos for Long Hair

Which prom updo hairstyle think you’re fantasizing over? If you’re as with any average high school girl, you’ve been daydreaming on your path throughout the study hall these previous couple of weeks, imagining a sluggish song along with your boo on the party area. No formal occasion is finished with no proper style, so continue reading to get the best prom updos you’ll be able to rock all on your own special night and save the pictures.

#1: Elegant Twist Updo

Formal Updo For Long Hair


This stunning look is a great way to show off your highlighted locks. The peekaboo tattoo is super cool too. Ask your stylist for loose twists that create an overall simple and sleek effect. Because the hair is not overly sprayed, it has a perfectly imperfect vibe.

#2: Accent Braid Prom Updo

Curly Messy Bun Prom Updo


Prom hairstyles can be as wild and crazy as you want, or like this style, they can be cute and feminine. For a really easy style that you could even do at home if you wanted, try a curly messy bun with an accent braid and face-framing wisps of hair.

#3: Messy Bun with Long Side

Messy Curled Updo With A Braid


Pieces For a cute prom look that will go really well with just about any dress, opt for a side french braid near the crown and a curled messy bun. A teased poof in the back and curled long side pieces in the front make the style formal in addition to fun.

#4: Formal Dutch Fishtail Updo

Loose Low Updo With Fishtail


Instead of creating a braid that goes along your hairline like a headband, try this version of the accent braid: start at your part and work down towards the ear then across the back of the head. To succeed at this style, section off the hair for the braid and create the loose bun first.

#5: Elegant Curled Prom Style

Messy Loose Formal Updo


If you’re in search of hairstyles for prom that will help you stand out on the big night, consider this option. Can you do this at home? Probably not! If you do attempt this curled and pinned style, be sure to start off with a texturizing spray to create hold in the loose hair.

#6: Classic Updo with Thick Accent Braid

Sleek Big Bun Prom Updo


Classic hair updos like chignons, french twists, and this sleek, full bun will always be a go-to for any girl seeking glamour. You can do a messy bun on any date night, but this formal style is something truly reserved for special occasions. Plus, if you have long hair, it won’t be hard to get fullness in the bun.

#7: Long Cascading Curls

Curly Ponytail For Long Hair


Hair for prom doesn’t have to be all the way up. A sassy pony with tons of volume like this one will go especially well with flowy Grecian or boho dresses. Pair the long hair look with dangly earrings or sparkly barrettes on the big night.

#8: Fishtail Florette Updo

Braided Flower Updo


Some prom hairstyles are simply amazing! We’re pretty much blown away by this florette braid, which will be a fun style to practice with your friends. Spreading the braid out is crucial with this updo.

#9: Classic French

Messy French Twist Updo


Twist French twists are among the hairdos that will never go out of style. This look will be a beautiful addition to a sleek monochromatic mini dress or mermaid silhouette gowns. If you’re wondering how to create such a loose updo that lasts all night, the answer is to use texturizing spray and hair spray before you even start pinning.

#10: Tousled Updo for Long Hair

Simple Messy Formal Updo


Up hairstyles for long hair that have flowy wisps and imperfect waves are always stunning. You can do this messy French twist on the base of a pony wrapping separate strands around its base and moving lower towards the nape of the neck.

#11: Twisted Side Roll Updo

Messy Asymmetrical Updo


Prom hairstyles for long hair can be a little bit tricky because you’re trying to figure out what to do with all that length! Let your length work for you by choosing a cute, loose bun. Keeping the bun low and to the side creates a modern boho chic look that is totally fresh and fashionable.

#12: Perfect Prom Look

Curly Bun Prom Updo


We’re in love with this style! It’s classic and modern all at the same time. This wouldn’t just look good for prom—you can also consider it a winner for graduation hairstyles, too. The teased poof with soft-looking strands laying on top and the side twists are so pretty.

#13: Teased Updo with Cute Headband

Bun Updo With A Bouffant


If you’re looking for updos that don’t take themselves too seriously, try this style. This is a super cute, youthful take on everything formal. Be sure to ask for some serious teasing, so it doesn’t look like an everyday style. The thin, shiny headband is a fuss-free accessory that will let you focus on what matters– Dancing!

#14: Gorgeous Waved Updo for Long Hair

Voluminous Updo For Long Hair


Updos for long hair need to work with your length and volume, not against them. With very long hair, you can create a low bun out of the bottom portion of your hair and then slowly add more curled pieces into it, pinning each one in place. Think of this as an artful arrangement.

#15: Chic Waterfall Braid Updo

Half Sleek Half Curly Blonde Updo


While this style looks simple at first glance, it’s actually very complicated, because the braid appears to join the curled messy bun with the top pieces of hair. You’ll have to master the art of sectioning. Keep the front pieces separate while you are working on the curled bun, then make the braid and pin it above the bun.

#16: Classic Roll Updo with Braid

Messy Chignon With Braid


For a classic roll updo with a modern update, you need to try two things. First off, keep the look messy, not perfect, by working with a loose tension and using texturizing products (not anything that will create a stiff, unnatural hold). Then add a loose braid pulling hair from above your hairs.

#17: Dutch Braid Prom Updo

Braided Florette Updo For Long Hair


Updos for prom offer a lot of options for long hair. A braid that winds and joins with a braided flower creates an illusion of endlessly long locks that are ready for any fancy updo you can think of.

#18: Long and Loose Side ‘Do

Curly Side Hairstyle For Long Hair


Just because it is a formal night, does not mean you have to lift all of your hair up. You’ll just want to keep it off your face to show off your features. To create this style, curl your hair with a half-inch wide barrel (pinning after each curl to set.Then loosely twist to create a messy side braid.

#19: Messy High Bun Updo

Big High Bun For Prom


A full, voluminous bun is a great option for long hair. You will probably want to use a sock bun sponge to create the structure and shape. Be sure to save out some pieces so that you can create an elegant wrapped style.

#20: Curly Prom Style

Curly Prom Updo For Long Hair


Formal hairstyles are made for girls whose hair is naturally curly. If you were blessed with textured locks, simply add a smoothing product or mousse throughout the length before you begin. Then create a loose twisted bun in the back and add hair in from the top and front.

#21: Tangled Braided Crown

messy prom hairstyle with braid around


Braids are one of the most versatile hairstyles out there, perfect for dances. Creating an undone look, this braided crown leaves a lot of texture in the hair and volume in the crown. With a lacy braid wrapped around the bun, the style is held in place by bobby pins, with not a pritz of hairs spray in sight.

#22: Low Pearled Updo

long hair prom chignon updo


Dances are the best time to embrace something a little more extravagant in your look, and if you’re on the hunt for chic hairstyles for prom, the low pearled updo will give you everything you’re looking for. Featuring a thick braid above the undone, low bun, the hairstyle is finished with delicate pearl accessories, ideal for arriving at any ball.

#23: Braid and Fluffy Bun

low curly updo with braid and flowers


With formal hairstyles, there is never a better opportunity to rock a few hair accessories. This cute look with an airy loopy bun is completed with a couple of well-placed blooms, added for extra pizzas and a delicate touch of tenderness.

#24: Bun and Three Side Braids Updo

triple braid bun prom updo


If there is ever a time to go extravagant with your hairstyle, then prom is the perfect occasion for that. Combining the elegance of a high bun with the carelessness of cute, messy braids, this undone hairstyle creates a creative, textured look that is incredibly easy to complete.

#25: Upside Down Braid and Bun

bun and braid prom updo


As far as prom hairstyles go, there is always a good opportunity to embrace something a little more elegant. Plaiting a section of hair up into and around the bun, this look is bound to impress and last for the entire night.

#26: Volumized Low Chignon

low prom updo with a bouffant for long hair


Want a sophisticated prom hair look? The volumized low chignon works wonders on straight hair. The high volume in the crown is balanced by the big chignon in the nape of neck, so this look is harmoniously structured and incredibly easy to pull off. Finished with loose tendrils to frame the face, the low chignon suits any face shape.

#27: Big Curly Bun Updo

curly prom hairstyle for long hair


This style puts special emphasis on texture, achieved with curls and braids. The undone braided bun works incredibly well with curly hair. When you want to show off your outfit, styles like this create a cute, no-fuss finishing touch.

#28: Curled Floral Updo

simple updo with hair flowers


Updos for long hair come in many shapes and forms, but few come out as pretty as this tender updo with baby’s breath and rose buds. Loose tendrils of hair are left around the face, creating delicate softness.

#29: Double Braided Updo

side braid prom hairstyle for long hair


Curls and braids go together like two peas in a pod, and when it comes to prom, there is always a reason to combine the two in one look. Experiment with the braided patterns and tightness of the braids to personalize your updo.

#30: Side Bun Twined with a Braid

braided updo for prom


If you’re searching for unusual prom hairstyles for long hair, the asymmetric seashell braid can have you well covered. The wider, lacier the braid is, the fancier the final result will look. Spritz with a bit of texturizing spray, and the style is complete!

#31: Rosette Curls

curled formal updo for long hair


Prom styles are all about updos, and if you’re looking for a cute way to make an impression at your dance, then the curled formal updo is the way to go. It will work awesomely for ombre hair, since the curls, shaped into rosettes will also be distinguished by color in this case.

#32: Fishtailed Snail Bun

fishtail bun prom hairstyle


Rocking an updo to prom can be the best way to make an elegant statement, but in a roomful of buns, it can be hard to stand out. Enter the fishtailed snail bun. You can braid three individual fishtails and swirl them into a single snail. A subtle touch of sparkle completes the look.

#33: Complex-Looking Updo

braided and twisted prom updo with straight bangs


With Variety of Textures Undone, flirty and cute, the maiden braid is one of the best ways to make an impression at prom. Offset with straight bangs, this look has the perfect balance between casual and formal, and can be rocked at any sort of dance.

#34: Romantic Updo

curled and twisted prom updo for long thick hair


With Braids With long, thick hair you can choose any graduation hairstyle you like. If’s it’s also trendy or vintage-inspired, you are sure going to be pleased with your choice. This voluminous style features a bouffant, pin curls and a thick braid to distinguish these two sections.

#35: Easy Curled Updo

curly formal updo


Complete with a dash of sparkle, this easy curled updo is the one you will turn to again and again. Being a great option for any kind of formal event, the look is incredibly simple to replicate with a curling iron and a few pins.

36: Messy Braided Updo

messy prom hairstyle for long hair


Prom hair styles might come and go, but the braid is around for good. Weaving undone braids into a loose, messy bun, you add the perfect undone finish to your modern formal hairstyle

#37: Twisted and Curled Low Updo

chic prom updo for long hair


With sophisticated texture smartly arranged at the nape of the neck, this exquisite look is an incredibly flattering choice for formal occasions. The low chignon is finished off with two jeweled pins. Little accents in such magnificent hairstyles play a role of the cherry on the cake.

#38: Sculpted Orchid

sleek updo with flowers


Bun With thick polished segments of hair pinned at the top of the head and adorned with orchid flowers, this elegant hairstyle takes a prominent place among long hair updos. Secured into a high bun, the hair is set in place using pins and hair serum to smooth it out. Fresh orchids Peek out, blending perfectly with the style.

#39: Low Petal-Like Bun

blonde prom updo for long hair


This big low bun is made voluminous at the expense of petal-like loops which look fairly festive, especially when combined with a hair flower. You may choose a fabric flower or a fresh bloom of a contrasting color for a bigger impact.

#40: Braided Chignon

formal chignon prom hairstyle for long hair


Hairdos for long hair rarely come more elegant than the low chignon pictured here. This look truly works wonders on long, thick hair, adding instant chic to any outfit.

We’d like you to definitely look wonderful, really feel special at your senior ball and could won by you the title of Prom Queen!













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