Loop Braid Updo

Loop Braid Updo

This fancy Loop Braid Updo will be perfect and I believe you’ll love how easy it could be to recreate when you break it down into steps. The trickiest part will be the braid which are often from this Loop Braid tutorial, Looped Half Up Crown Braid, but is really a soft updo, pretty style that it would look great for just about any special event. I think you’ll give it a try and adore it just as much as I really do!

Loop Braid Updo


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Loop Braid Updo Supplies:

  • Paddle brush
  • 3 Hair sectioning clips
  • 1 clear elastic bands
  • 30-40 bobby pins
  • Firm-hold hairspray
Loop Braid Updo


Loop Braid Updo Instructions:

Loop Braid Updo Step 1:

Brush throughout the hair to get rid of any tangles. (2) Divide from the front parts of hair, from your part right down to the ears, clipping the forward sections aside.

Loop Braid Updo Step 3:

With all the back section, divide off a smaller section on the crown and clip it all out of the way.(4)  Tie all of those other hair, behind, right into a low ponytail, slightly off-cente on the left.

Loop Braid Updo Step 5:

Separate off a little portion of hair from your ponytail, make a small loop and lay it up against the head. Then pin it in position with bobby pins.(6) Continue creating loops and pinning them until all of the hairfrom your ponytail is pinned.

Loop Braid Updo Step 7:

Let down the head of hair sectioned off on the crown. Twist the section together, towards right, and pin it towards the top of the bun, letting the remainder section fall on the right of your bun.(8)Twist the end of the crown section together and wrap it clock-wise round the bun, then pin down the ends, tucking them underneath the bun.

Loop Braid Updo Step 9:

Let down the section about the right side. Swept it over the top of your bun and pin it place round the bun.(10) Let down the section on the left side.

Loop Braid Updo


Instructions continued:

Loop Braid Updo

Step 11: Grab a little section of hair close to the part and make the Looped braid until it reaches the rear of the left ear.

Step 12: Braid the remainder section right into a regular braid.

Step 13: Drag  the braid over the top of your bun and pin it in position.

Step 14: Spray the design and style having a firm-hold hairspray and smooth down fly a ways.

Here we done with Looped Braid Updo. Hope You Enjoyed!

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