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How to Make a Crown Braid

how to make a crown braid

How to Make a Crown Braid

A Crown Braid (or halo braid)is really a beautiful style which might be dressed up or down and worn anywhere. Crown braids have grown to be especially popular throughout the last couple of years for females who’re going to a dance, or prom. Even though it may look overwhelming to create, it is actually fairly simple and makes an impact. Right away you’ll be able to make a crown braid, and also have everybody else feeling jealous about how exactly beautiful your hairstyle looks.
how to make a crown braid

Creating a Crown Braid

Crown Braid Step 1:

Part your locks in the center. Separate your locks into two sections, the right and left side. Secure only one side although you deal with another, so that they do not get mixed-up. This can be done with the addition of a scrunchy or even a hair clip, to ensure the one side does not get in the manner. Try your very best at containing any loose hairs that might come out.

Crown Braid Step 2:

Go ahead and take loose side and begin at the nape of the neck. Split this part into three strands.If you would like, additionally you can add a hair clip to each and every of these while you’re get yourself ready for the next phase. It sometimes can often be difficult to split up three strands all at one time.

Crown Braid Step 3:

Do an ‘inside-out’ French braid or Dutch Braid. Cross each one of the strands underneath one anotheras opposed to more than one another. Work your way throughout the side of the head, maintaining your braid fairly tight. If your braid comes loose, it’s not going to appear like a tight “crown

Crown Braid Step 4:

Work over the the top of forehead unless you finish the braid. Securethe ending by having an elastic tie in order to keep the braid secure. Just let it hang down before you complete the other side. If you’re afraid the braid might come undone, you are able to clip it to the top level of your respective head until the “crown” is just about to make.

Crown Braid Step 5:

Go ahead and take opposite side of your hair on hand. Start towards the top of your head, as opposed to the bottom. Split this part into three parts and perform the same inside-out braid you probably did before. Deal with one side of the head, finishing nearby the nape of your neck. It’s fine to use a hair clip or even an elastic tie when you’re implemented to secure the braid.

Crown Braid Step 6:

Make the “crown.” Pull one of the braids from left to right, over the top of the head. The bread should rest a couple of inches from a forehead. Secure this braid having a Bobbi pin. Now pull the opposite braid from right to left, pushing it up opposed to the previous braid. Secure this braid using a Bobbi pin moreover. You now have the hairstyle that ought to resemble a “crown”.

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