How To Curl

How To Curl

This Simplest styles begin with just a little preparation beforehand so I’ll even be demonstrating ways to get those How to Curl trendy, everyday waves.

How To Curl

Have a look on this  tutorial below and I’ve also broken it down into easy steps so that you can easily recreate this take a look at home! Don’t forget to share it with all your besties who’ll definitely adore it too!
Supplies For Curl:

  • Rattail Comb
  • Hair claw or clip
  • Pro Beauty Tools Professional 1” XL Curling Wand

For perfect curls each and every time, I really love to begin with clean, dry hair. This really helps give the curls extra volume and bounce. Wand curls are fantastic for this kind of look as well as achieve them.

How To Curl

How To Curl Hair With A Straightener Tutorial:

How To Curl Step 1:

Brush or comb throughout the hair to take out any tangles. You may also apply a heat protectant spray at this stage to assist minimize breakage by using hot tools. Then make a center part that will help the curls set better for your hairstyle.

How To Curl Step 2:

Then divide your hair on top of the ears and clip up the top section. Separate off a little 1” portion of hair and put the Pro Beauty Tools XL Curling Wand behind the section. Wrap your hair out from the face round the barrel working down towards the ends of your hair.

Style Tip: As opposed to wrapping each section all the way to the ends, leave off the last 1” of hair, holding it out from the barrel instead. The ends would be the most delicate and this helps protect them and limit the amount of heat they’re exposed to.

Unlike traditional wands this curling wand comes with an extra 2” that makes it much easier to curl longer hair from root to tip without having any overlapping. This implies your hair will curl much faster because each section is heated more evenly!

How To Curl

How To Curl Step 3:

Hold the section for 5-8 seconds, or until it feels warm to touch, before releasing your hair and letting it to cool.

How To Curl Step 4 :

Continue curling small parts of hair in this bottom layer until all of yourlocks are curled.

How To Curl Step 5:

Let down the latest portion of hair, this time around right about the ears, clipping up on the top section.

How To Curl Step 6:

Continue dividing off small, 1”parts of hair and repeat the last steps wrapping each section round the wand, curling your hair out from the face.
This curling wand is perfect for all hair types mainly because it has multiple heat settings that allows flexibility with just how much heat is used towards the hair.

How To Curl Step 7:

Let down the rest of the hair, and continue curling the hair away from the face, holding each until it feels warm to the touch and allowing each curl to cool before touching it.

Style Tip: In case your hair struggles to keep curl, allow them to cool down in your hand. Allowing them to stay tight so long as you can will assist them stay longer. I’ve found that it really helps the curls set.

How To Curl Step 8:

In the end all of your locks are curled, let it be cool for just a few minutes and after that gently run the fingers through it to soften and combine the waves.

Here we are done with How To Curl Hairs!

How To Curl


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