Half Up Mohawk Dutch Braid

Half Up Mohawk Dutch Braid

Half Up Mohawk Dutch Braid are a great Dutch Braid to incorporate into the new season because they will make any outfit pop, and are the perfect solution for medium or long tresses. They are all no-muss, no-fuss ‘dos that you can do yourself any day of the week. Ready to try this Half Up Mohawk Dutch Braid?

Half Up Mohawk Dutch Braid


Half Up Mohawk Dutch Braid Supplies:

  • Paddle brush
  • Clear elastic tie
  • *optional: 1″ curling iron
  • 1 bobby pins
  • Firm-hold hairspray

Instructions For Half Up Mohawk Dutch Tutorial:

Half Up Mohawk Dutch Braid Step 1 and 2:

(1) Begin by brushing your hair straight away from the forehead and throughout the ends to take out any tangles. (2) Grab a 2″ wide portion of hair in the center of your forehead and 2 smaller sections directly behind it, one slightly on the right and the other on the left.

Half Up Mohawk Dutch Braid Step 3 and 4:

(3) Start a dutch braid by crossing along side it strands underneath the midsection. (4) Start incorporating small parts of hair in to the braid keeping it right over the core of the top of your head.

Half Up Mohawk Dutch Braid Step 5 and 6:

(5) Once the braid reaches the rear of the crown, braid all of those other section right into a regular braid without adding any other hair. (6) Tie it well having a clear elastic tie.

Half Up Mohawk Dutch Braid Step 7 ,8 and 9:

(7) Separate off a little portion of hair from your ends of your braid and and wrap it round the hair band to cover up it. (8) Secure the end of the wrapped section with a bobby pin sliding it in to the core of the braid. (9) Spray the very best and sides of your hair having a firm hold hairspray and smooth down any fly a ways. Include some curls towards the ends being an optional extra step!

Hope You enjoyed these Dutch Braid Hairstyles which i have posted Earlier!

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