Half Up Crown Braid

Half Up Crown Braid

Half Up Crown Braid will be the half up sort of the Dutch crown braid.Recently I posted the latest version having a Flower Crown Braid which is same technique but without having the flower crown.

Half Up Crown Braid


I really love Half Up Crown Braid because I really like wearing a Crown Braid. It always looks like it’s a wonderful hairstyle for combating this season .
Wearing thisHalf Crown version was especially fun mainly because it still feels fancy, yet casual since a few of the locks are left down. It’s the same technique as the crown braid tutorials above however with a little tweak when braiding your hair at the rear of your head. You will observe what i’m saying inthe video tutorial below.

I hope you adore it as much as I actually do and give Half Up Crown Braid a try!
Click on for the video tutorial of Half up Crown…

Follow these steps for the Half Up Crown Braid:

  1. Begin by making a deep side part around the right side.
  2. Next, have a section to the heavy side of your part.
  3. Divide this portion into three equal pieces.
  4. Take up a dutch braid by crossing the rear strand underneath the middle.
  5. Then cross the leading strand underneath the middle.
  6. Now if the back is crossed underneath the middle, make a portion of hair and add it in to the strand.
  7. Repeat sixth step with all the front strand, bringing a portion of hair which produces the dutch braided effect.
  8. Continue steps six and seven up until the braid reaches the top part of your left ear.
  9. When the braid crosses round the back of your head, pull in bits of hair, at the base portion, which are nearer to the braid. This will likely ensure it is harder to inform that locks are being brought.
  10. Include hair from your top of your head and usual.
  11. Continue braiding round the head until all of the hair in brought in and also the braid reaches the right side of your head.
  12. Then braid your hair down into an everyday braid.
  13. Tie off the end by having an elastic.
  14. Loosen the braid by gently pulling around the edges.
  15. Then lay the tail right behind in which the braid started and pin it down, hiding the pin beneath the braid.
  16. Finish your Half Up Crown by smoothing down any fly a ways with hairspray and curling the ends of your hair.

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