Braid Wrapped High Bun

Braid Wrapped High Bun

Braid Wrapped High Bun is a fantastic way to boost up a high knot.

I took the essential technique from my Double Bun tutorial and switched out your twists for braids then completed the appearance having a cute, star cluster headband .

Braid Wrapped High Bun


For this particular hairstyle you may need a hair donut unless you’re a professional and may create it with out them. I bet you might like to substitute the bun to get a regular messy bun while using hair overlooked for that braiding. That seems like another tutorial in itself, though. Maybe I’ll need to do some practicing for that one.Lets get moving.

Braid Wrapped High Bun

Adopt these measures to offer the Braided Wrapped High Bun or the bun with braid hair.. haha!:

Method- 1

Braid Wrapped High Bun Step 1 : 

Begin by sweeping all of the hair up right into a high ponytail – try this advice for mastering a higher ponytail.

Braid Wrapped High Bun Step 2 :

Have a hair donut and put the ponytail throughout the middle therefore it sits up against the head.

Braid Wrapped High Bun Step 3 :

Tilting the head down, spread the ponytail round the donut so there is definitely an even quantity of head around it.

Braid Wrapped High Bun Step 4 :

Get hold of a metal-free hair band and wrap it over the top of your donut in order that it keeps your hair spread.

Braid Wrapped High Bun Step 5 :

Divide your hair sticking out from your hair band into two halves, right and left.

Braid Wrapped High Bun Step 6 :

Braid both sides down into an everyday braid and secure the finale by having an hair elastic.

Braid Wrapped High Bun Step 7 :

Go ahead and take braid over the left and wrap it throughout the front of your bun and wrap it round the bun. .

Braid Wrapped High Bun Step 8 :

Pin the finale having a hair pin, securing it up against the bun.

Braid Wrapped High Bun Step 9 :

Using the braid over the right side, wrap it towards left, going around the bun, securing it with another hair pin.

Braid Wrapped High Bun Step 10 :

Gently pull over the bun to make a larger bun – this really is well suited for making the hairstyles proportional.

Braid Wrapped High Bun Step 11 :

Pick up some hair spray and smooth down any flyaways making a effortless look.

Braid Wrapped High Bun Step 12 :

Bring your favorite headband, and put it 1″ – 1.5″ from your hairline.

Braid Wrapped High Bun


Method- 2

Supplies For Braid Wrapped High Bun:

a brush
– 2 hairties
– 4 bobbypins
– 1 rolled sock or hair doughnut
– hairspray

Braid Wrapped High Bun Step 1:

Brush your hair smooth and select a pleasant side part. Pull all of your current hair right into a side ponytail over the opposite side of your respective head through which your behalf is. Tug your hair on your scalp out a bit out of your ponytail to make more body all around.


Braid Wrapped High Bun

Braid Wrapped High Bun Step 2:

Make use of your hair doughnut (or sock) and pull your ponytail all the way through, leaving the doughnut on the base. Lean forward a little and spread the head of hair round the doughnut as evenly as you possibly can to pay for it. Put another hair tie over-all the head of hair covering the doughnut and tug your hair round the doughnut a little more if you notice spots showing a little bit here or there.

Braid Wrapped High Bun


Braid Wrapped High Bun Step 3:

Separate your hair sticking out into two different sections. Braid both of them loosely. Wrap the very first over the base of the bun in a clockwise direction, and also the second over in a counterclockwise direction (or simply wrap them around in opposite directions so that they cross each other) and secure both of them with bobby-pins:) Spray all of your head with a few hairspray, tugging the hair on your scalp right out of the bun a little more if it is too tight, and Voila! All done:)


Braid Wrapped High Bun

And That I know I already said it was versatile, however I’ve worn this to simply about everything from a wedding event to a rodeo, so there is absolutely no limits! I’d desire to hear what you believe, notably if you give it a go, and go ahead and pin if you wish to keep it close by for later use! 🙂

Braid Wrapped High Bun

One final thing, relating to this style, it simply took me about 3 minutes to complete, Braid Wrapped High Bun can be done fresh out from the shower or after times of product(you’ll just obtain a more textured look), and also you just have a couple of inches of hair appearing out of the bun in order to possess the braids, if you decide to start using a smaller sock or doughnut it can be done with relatively shorter hair! Its classy, its chic, its feminine and stylish for evenings while being sharp and complicated for daytime. Ideal for those long days going from place to place!


  • The head of hair is definitely more playful once it has been used or perhaps is dirty. Then when you get up don’t brush your hair; it will help you to provide it with the best texture.
  • Make use of a hair binder it really is a little looser. It becomes more flexible


  • Usually do not attempt putting your hair in the tight bun after your shower. All it’ll do is break your hair that will create split ends.

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