All Time Best 60 Pixie Haircuts

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All Time Best 60 pixie Haircuts

It originated from the Roaring Twenties, when women first became liberated, made an unapologetic comeback throughout the revolutionary 1960s, graced magazine covers from the androgynous, rock-dominated 90s-and, by all accounts, the choppy All Time Best 60 Pixie Haircuts here now to remain once again. We’re featuring probably the most daring and hip pixies, because we’re without doubt femininity could be plentifully achieved along with short hair.


We’ve got a little bit of something for everybody today, from cool, daring haircuts for all those having a punk flair in mind, to smart tips on the best pixie styling many different face shapes. If you’re searching for a perennially cute short style that’s very simple to keep up, we’ve got 60 inspirational pictures all arranged here for you.

how to style a pixie cut?????

Look at these amazing pixie haircuts that will absolutely adore you..

#1: pixie cut

pixie haircuts

Locating a picture of the haircut you kinda dig, could possibly be the foundation to get how well you see across to some stylist. Keeping the top and sides more than a conventional pixie can also add volume, and alter the form accordingly. These small changes get this to pixie linger near the borderline of turning out to be a Dorothy Hamill wedge; evidence of why most commonly it is a classic cut.

#2: Feather Pixie with Balayage Highlights:

pixie haircut

If in doubt, opt for the highlights-and-layers pairing; it really works in short haircuts equally well just like longer ones. Bonus: whenever you grow out this pixie, its original asymmetrical cut will stay intriguing and edgy, as the hairs are getting longer.

#3: Classic Pixie:

Silver Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

The hairstyle you consider whenever you hear ‘short hair’, will be the classic and timeless pixie cut. Sticking with the classic cut, you might at the same time opt for a trendy hair color, similar to this gorgeous silver blonde.

#4: Two-Tone Pixie:

Tapered Balayage Pixie

Normally, there isn’t any such thing just like any style being age specific, however, a disconnected haircut might be too extreme for the working professional. Modern pixie cut hairstyles might seem too mainstream for somebody requiring only a little bit of sass, therefore if it’s the situation, let your stylist include some “neat” texture throughout. Utilizing a little pomade to emphasize the texture will perform the key in adding that missing spunk, in addition to a little shine.

#5: Pixie Bob:

Short Burgundy Balayage Bob

An extended shaggy pixie cut is the best transition should you choose to start the entire process of growing out your hair. Having more long hair in front will provide you with more color choices to play and test out.

#6: Classical Short Pixie with Pastel Blue:

layered pixie haircut with bangs

This really is among that edgy pixie haircuts that actually work particularly well for long faces. That’s due to the fact of a well-known hairstyling tip: haircuts with bangs will draw attention away from the oversized forehead and direct it for some other facial expression, like the eyes. Note how all things in the above photo, makeup and side-swept fringe included, bring the model’s gaze out.

#7: Choppy Gray Pixie:

Layered Gray Pixie

The most recognized need to be smitten concerning the pixie cut is its brilliance in versatility. Knowing you will soon grow out color with shorter hair, means generating confident color choices, and perhaps experimenting with the symmetry of the cut.

#8: Imperfect Pixie:

pixie hairstyle

An added bonus to getting out of bed that has a messy pixie cut, is the fact that messy hair is in!! For that few who always appear to be rushing out the doorway every day, a messy pixie is a perfect hairdo. Grabbing a dab of hair paste or pomade and running it through your hair takes your ‘just-rolled-out-of-bed’ turn to the next stage.

#9: Bleach Blonde Pixie:

Layered Blonde Pixie Bob With Long Bangs

Disconnecting an extended, razor-cut top section from the significantly shorter undercut is certainly not classic. Texture and movementin the haircut make it more pleasurable to create various ways, which help us discover new styling techniques and products we’ve never needed or used on longer hair.

#10: Fine Chopped Pixie for Thin Hair:

choppy pixie with babylights

Worried that the wispy locks can’t accommodate a bold short hairstyle? Quit your worries and check out this wonderfully layered look for thin hair. The finely chopped layers will prove to add both structure and volume to your look, even though the thin highlights will provide out of the expression all the time.

#11: Platinum Blonde Disheveled Pixie:

white blonde messy pixie

As earlier mentioned, finely chopped locks will appear great on blonde hair, because it’s light enough to create out every razor-sharp cut of just about every strand. This platinum version flawlessly illustrates the idea as well as enriches it with all the styling choice so daring you’d be hard-pressed never to notice it…

#12: Gray Blonde Pixie:


Gray Pixie For Older Women

When women decide to embrace their grey tresses and choose to look au naturel, a sassy, ash blonde pixie will be to the point. The two-tone color having a subtle alteration in hues helps you to integrate grey, to ensure that it looks fashionable and appealing.

#13: Tapered Pixie Cut:


Long Blonde Pixie

A tapered pixieis really a less extreme pixie version in comparison to a bolder, disconnected, undercut pixie. A taper provides a softer touch to your conventional short cut.

#14: Tapered Pixie with Long Bangs:

pixie hairstyles

There’s nary a shade of red missing out of this pixie cut, which occurs to work wonderfully for thick hair. When you’ve got an adequate mane to show off, but the desire to ensure that it stays short for maintenance purposes, go all the way with all the coloring, keep that fringe long, rather than stop going through the styling options.

#15: Long Taper Pixie Cut having a Side Bangs:

long blonde pixie for thin hair

Buttery blonde locks are all well and good, but the latest color trend involves far more ashy finish. Provide your long choppy pixie cut a hot edge having a matte blonde hair color that lets your dark roots show a little bit.

#16: Pixie with Cherry Highlights:

Brunette Massy Pixie

Cherry-colored accents in the bangs put into an abundant brunette base are a good way to modernize your pixie and boost the color of the eyes. Natural wave and messy texture get this to pixie cut marvellous.

#17: Blue Hue Pixie:

Silver Asymmetrical Pixie With Blue Balayage

The rooted balayage in bluish and grey hues profoundly improves the movement of your mane. Rocking a rooted balayage on the short hairstyle is a sure way to display your bold, fearless persona.

#18: Undercut Pixie:


Silver Blonde Layered Pixie Undercut

If you’re confused in attempting to decide regardless of whether you desire a softer style in opposition to a rough, edgier look, do both! An pixie undercut is the current trend in offering your inner bad girl, while still maintaining the lady-like side of you.

#19: Ashy Blonde Pixie with a classic Messy Touch:


gray messy pixie

You’ll find ample variations among modern sassy pixies, from your more classical and demure, featuring exclusively natural hair colors, towards the most trendy and brash. Our top favorites usually add a bold choice in coloring, since nothing says ‘edgy’ comparable to short messy silver hair on a twenty-something!

#20: Long Red Pixie Cut:


Long Burgundy Pixie

The phenomenal haircut AND wicked color get this to red pixie cut daring, yet manageable for everyday wear. Maintaining your color fresh and vibrant is easier on shorter do’s. Applying a color mousse or toning shampoo is a lot simpler and fewer demanding on short hair than it is on longer tresses. This easy maintenance step can assist to maintain the dynamics of the color.

#21: Platinum Pixie

Ash Blonde Layered Pixie


Short hair does not necessarily mean limited styling options. As with all other styles, a pixie is often as mod and messy, or as sleek and classic as you would like. Deciding on the best styling product with the proper amount of hold, as well as the right finish allows equally as much versatility, or even more.

#22: Rose Gold Pixie:


Blonde Layered Pixie Hairstyle

A wispy, rose-gold pixie can’t be more angelic and attractive to the eye. Each of the cut and the color are soft, they’re both vintage and modern, 2 in they work harmoniously together thus, making this lovely style look fresh and contemporary.

#23: Chick Undercut Pixie:


Choppy Pixie With Undercut

The disconnected, choppy pixie cut is, essentially, a ‘chick undercut’.It might appear unusual that the undercut along with a choppy pixie could be built-into one style, but that’s the potency of creativity of 1 amazing stylist having a vision.

#24: Ravishing Red Pixie:


vine red layered pixie

If you’re gonna go short, you need to go red while you’re at it! A bright crimson hair hue is a fantastic way to embellish up your pixie cut. Make guaranteed to invest in a color-enhancing hair mask that protects your color and maintains your color-treated strands from acquiring dry and brittle.

#25: Feathered Pixie:

Short Burgundy Pixie

Looking for a product to focus on your edgy pixie cut exactly the way you want might be tricky. It may be smart to get small varieties of different pomades, pastes, or gels to determine what works well with you. You will find matte or shine-finish products with various degrees of holding power. Selecting a few favorite styling products for the looks you wear often will be wise.

#26: Lavender Pixie-Bob:

Lavender Pixie Bob

Modern choppy pixie cuts are about blends… Blends of lengths, textures and hues lead to swoon-worthy hairstyles you can’t pass unnoticed in the road. This lavender pixie-bob is just one of those.


#27: Contemporary Pixie:

Blonde Messy Pixie

Contemporary hairstyles have grown to be more versatile in color, specially in relation to tone. Your pixie cut style can be as warm and golden, or as frosty platinum blonde as you would like. Using a picture of the exact tone of blonde you would like can’t be any clearer for your stylist.

#28: Tousled Pixie:

shaggy pixie bob

with Undercut There’s no better method to acquire a natural sun-kissed look with hair coloring than balayage-and that’s a fact. And since au naturel is apparently the perception of selection for this model, it’s no surprise that she’s also sporting a medium-length tousled pixie. Overall, the whole style has finished up looking wonderfully casual!

#29: Tapered Pixie with Maximum Volume:

Tousled Pixie Hairstyle With Bangs

A fem taper is powerful in the hair game, specifically if you find the correct stylist to produce a flattering silhouette with the maximum volume on top. Using just a little of mousse constitutes a tousled tape ready and almost effortless for each and everyday hair wear.

#30: Sassy Pixie for Fine Hair:

sassy pixie for older women

One of the greatest benefits of a shaggy pixie cut is its suitability for almost any age as well as any hair type. For fine hair it’s a real windfall. Your hairstylist might point by using a razor around the tips of your hair to build layers around the crown. This can produce a shag effect that’s super chic and fun!

#31: Shaggy Pixie cut with Balayage Highlights:

Shaggy Pixie With Balayage

This cute pixie includes a neat brown undercut underneath long, razored, bleached layers. The contrast of ligth and dark, short and long, neat and shaggy yet again makes a wow short hairstyle we’re tempted to try.

#32: Long Honey Blonde and Black Pixie:

Two Toned Pixie Cut

The pixie with long choppy layers is easily the most feminine of short haircuts. You are able to scrunch those pieces with mousse or curl all of them with a smooth iron getting various appearances for various moods.

#33: Cropped Tousled Waves and Side Bang:

Long Wavy Pixie For Fine Hair

Buzzed pixie cuts aren’t your only option. If you’d like to still need some length, you will find suggestions for you. Her layers are of sufficient length to get styled straight or curly. The latter choice is brilliant to make your mane appear thicker and flirtier,as well!
#34: Purple Textured:Crop:

Short Curly Pixie

Bringall the focus on your facial features along with a cut which has layers around your forehead. Work together with your stylist to make a becoming finish. Her textured purple pieces boost her stunning brown eyes and mimic the lines of her lips.

#35: Green & Purple Hairstyle with Bangs:

Black Pixie With Side Undercut

Modern pixie cuts can include funky undercuts. You will find fantastic elements in her own ‘do wherever you appear. The buzzed side contrasts with long bangs, as well as the color contrast is amazing, too.

#36: Pastel Pink Mohawk with Undercut

Blonde And Pink Funky Pixie Undercut

There is lots of edges packed into her cropped hairstyle. The salmon pink mohawk could have been enough, but she’s given it her very own twist with the addition of a buzzed undercut. If it’s your thing, put in a nose piercing and black eyeliner, and you’ve got one cool style.

#37: Spiked Blonde Mohawk

Spiky Pixie Fauxhawk

Grab some herbal hair gel and make up a gravity-defying ‘do by looking into making the very best layers of your hair stand upright. If you would like much more of a vintage finish, make use of the product to slick the sides and back down or brush the sides back.


#38: Silver and Brown Pixie 

pixie cuts

Short pixie haircuts are occasionally recognized for not being probably the most versatile of styles, but hers shows the best way to place your exclusive spin onto it. The silvery blonde undercut pixie characteristics the tapered black bottom to make a surprising contrast with all the feathered silver top.


#39: Black Spiky Crop with Teal Bangs

Short Black Pixie With Colorful Bangs

Cropped hairdos are blank canvases just waiting a splash of color. She’s added a brand new dimension to her spiky black pixie by throwing an attempt of teal through her side-swept bangs. It’s your decision if you wish to coordinate your mane together with your clothes.

#40: Brunette Pixie Cut with Sweep Fringe

Brown Layered Pixie With Side Undercut

When considering shorter hairstyles, the one thing to keep in mind is the fact that layers could make or break your ‘do. They’re what create shape, texture, and volume. She gets it down pat together with her strategically cut mane. You will find a variety of lengths blended in one cut mane. There are actually a variety of lengths blended in a single cut that provides different textures on the sides and top.

#41: Spiky Cut for Fine Hair

Purple Brown Hair With Green Highlights

Before you decide to rush over to modify the pixie hair cut, begin by researching different images. Short pixie cuts for fine hair can be quite appealing and flattering. Just to illustrate her crop with muted purple and green streaks. It’s unique, dreamy, and incredibly inspiring.


#42: Short Gray Hair with Buzzed Nape:

Pixie With Side And Nape Undercut

The very best hairdos are those which are striking from the angle you view them. The buzzed areas having a shaved pixie cut line that distinguishes the more time hair from very short one make a dynamic short look.It may need some maintenance, but it’s absolutely worth every penny.

#43: Purple Long Top Undercut Pixie:

Purple Long Top Short Sides Hairstyle

Test out contrasts of elements in your crop. The lighting and dark parts, the longest and shortest ones make a dramatic look that may be softened from your favorite pastel hair color if you want.


#44: Shaggy Pixie-Bob

Short Choppy Bob

Is what you believe of whenever you normally envision pixie haircuts? The long blonde pixie cut isn’t quite typical. It’s much more of an outgrown pixie or a cropped bob. Simply because this cut has more length than the usually buzzed style, you are able to comprehend the messy layers and side-swept bangs.

#45: Silver ‘Do with long Spikes:

pixie cut

You’re likely to turn many heads having a style such as this. Leave part of your fringe covering your eyes. Then apply some strong hold gel to another layers and elegance them up to the sky.


#46:  Lilac Pixie with Choppy Fringe

Choppy Pastel Blue Pixie

Whoever asserted unicorn hair was just for all those with long locks obviously hasn’t seen this cute short ‘do. It’s positively striking. The intense purple color as well as the short, choppy layers create an eye-catching look.

#47: Layered Blonde Hairdo with Blunt Bangs

Short Choppy Bob With Bangs

Pixie cut styles could be just like edgy any other trendy hairdos. You’ll have a lot of freedom with regards to how avant-garde you need to go. Her layered look a great starting place. The blunt bangs and angled layers are a fascinating combination – dynamic and simple to pull off.

#48: Red Layered Bangs and Buzzed Back

Short Red Pixie With Layered Bangs

The current short haircut expertly mixes lengths, textures, and finishes. With short hair you receive the edgiest look even when it’s fairly simple, just like a buzzed nape and longer V-cut bangs.

#49: Blonde Crop with Long Top

Woman's Short Blonde Undercut
Having a razor to your entire head could be a little scary. If you’re curious about a buzzed glimpse, however, you would love to keep a number of your length, get a cropped back and longer top. She has lots of inches to test out.

#50: Choppy Pixie Cut with Side Bangs:

Chopped Blonde Pixie

Asymmetrical short hairdos are intriguing, notable and quite easy to pull off. Her fun pixie haircut with choppy layers and long bangs is simply one example. The components are typical distinct yet they flow together.


#51: Rocker Pixie

Edgy Pixie Cut With Bangs

Every rocker chick prefers edgy haircuts for just two reasons: 1) Obviously, they’re fun to relax and play with and, 2) accessories are so a lot more amusing to try on and explore with so much neck and ear direct exposure. May your accessories match the coolness of the hair!

#52: Edgy Pixie

choppy lavender pixie

Cut in Lavender It’s layered, features an undercut as well as illustrates the best flavor of the hour:an attractive hue of lilac, produced from the rainbow hair craze. You don’t need to be either hardcore nor a tree-hugging hippie to build this style work. It merely requires a little bit of personality,  in addition to the quirky/relaxed wardrobe to pair it with.

#53: Black and Blue Shaggy Pixie Cut:

long brunette pixie with angled layers

If you are exactly about testing the waters when it comes to new extravagant hair colors, a splash of teal is a superb route to take. A thick wave of color is a simple approach to providing your usual pixie cut a new life and vibrancy. Not really a fan of blue?Go for fuschia, purple or any ither bright shade the strikes your fancy!


#54: Long Wispy Pixie with Bangs

long pixie cut for fine hair

Prove that blondes go about doing have more fun having a chic long pixie cut that screams “beach babe.”Then add long layers right in front – this will permit for additional styling options and variety. Throw in an in-depth side-part and you’ve got yourself a windswept ‘do which is perfectly imperfect!


#55: Caramel-Toned Long Pixie


long messy pixie hairstyle

Add caramel-colored highlights for your layered chocolate hairstyle. It’s an easy and quick approach to refresh and brighten a normally dark and dull look. Backcomb slightly and finger comb the design and style for any messy-yet-fabulous finish.

#56: High-Top Asymmetrical Pixie 

long top short sides pixie

Get punk rock together with your look if you attempt a chic undercut. Leaving the most notable part of your hair long and achieving short tapered sides, you permit for a convertible pixie cut that may be worn sleek and bob-like or sky-high and voluminous.


#57: Short Choppy Bangs Pixie:

short feathery pixie

Refresh your thing starts by making a bold statement having a soft, chestnut pixie cut. Featuring the super-short jagged bangs and all-over finely chopped texture, this cut shows off your adorable facial features and bone structure as there are no long layers to cover up the face.

#58: Funky Blue Pixie having with  Layered Bangs


choppy pixie for thick hair

Embrace the strong features your square or diamond shaped face includes, by adopting a daring, short pixie cut. Afraid which it will make you glimpse frumpy? With the proper selection of color, such as the icy blue, you will show up anything but!

#59: Curly Caramel Brown Pixie Bob

long pixie for curly hair

Browse the back look at this haircut, to acquire a grasp of precisely’s to preserve. It provides a relatively precise cut and shape, which will probably be a breeze to develop out. And, so far as the styling goes, it does not want a lot more than washing, conditioning, air or towel drying as well as (optional) dose of holding mousse.


#60: Fauxhawk Pixie

edgy pixie with balayage highlights

Another Mohawk-inspired look, this spiky pixie cut works wonderfully with highlights. These underline the daring nature of the haircut in addition to making a great contrast with all the shortcut and darker color tones on the sides of the model’s head.

Wondering why we have not told you much on how to style these sassy pixie hairstyles?
That is because, when considering pixie cuts, thee styling issues are looked after by your stylis’s scissors beforehand. Quite simply, if you wish to go messy, pixie, spiky, cute, and short, just be sure you choose the best haircut for your sort of hair and face. Put a dashing color along with a little bit of drying product, and you will be all set__ for both wild nights on the town, as well as for efficient days at your workplace.


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