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50 Latest Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hairs- Updated

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Half Up Hairstyles For Wedding

Hairstyle With Fluffed Up Texture

Ask your hairstylist for gorgeous, fluffed-up texture in the back.

#17: Simple And Cool Half Up

Cool Half up on wedding

For a half-up style with pizzazz, divide and gather your hair into multiple sections.

#18: Classic Fairy Tale Wedding Hairstyle

Fairy Tale Wedding Hairstyle

A half-up hairstyle interwoven with red roses is perfect for a classic fairy tale wedding.

#19: Boho Wedding Hairstyles

Boho Wedding Hairstyles

You’ll feel like a boho goddess with this half-up style featuring an anchored twist and loose waves.

#20: Twisted Hairstyles For Wedding

Twisted Hairstyles For Wedding

Here, baby’s breath is used in place of a barrette and artfully arranged into a twist of hair.

#21: Half Up Bun

Half up bun wedding hairstyle

A half up bun with lots of soft, natural texture is ideal for a rustic outdoor setting.

#22: Pompadour Hairstyle For Wedding

Pompadour Hairstyle For Wedding

Tease the top half of your hair to create a fun rockabilly pompadour.

#23: Side Swept Wedding Hairstyle

Side Swept Wedding Hairstyle

Rapunzel-length locks are all the more enchanting with side-swept detailing and a boho-chic accessory.

#24: Creative Half Up

Creative Half Up

One of the most creative half-up hairstyles to date — check out that dazzling Art Deco crystal accessory.


#25: Coils Of Hairs Updo

Coils Of Hairs Updo Wedding Hairstyle

Combine coils of hair to form a breathtakingly intricate updo.

#26: Draped Twist Wedding Hairstyle

Draped Twist Wedding Hairstyle

For a more dramatic style, ask for draped twists that start closer to the crown of your head.

#27: Centered Bridal Updo

Centered Bridal Updo

For a fresh and relaxed take on a bridal hairstyles for long hair , consider a pretty off-center style on the side of your hair that will be facing the audience during your ceremony.

#28: Low Bun Wedding Hairstyle

 Low Bun Wedding Hairstyle

A low bun is a sophisticated and versatile option for any type of wedding.

#29:Wispy Texture On Wedding Day

Wispy Texture

We’re swooning over the wispy texture of this bride’s updo — it’s romantic without trying too hard.

#30: Architectural twists Hairstyle For Wedding

Architectural twists Hairstyle For Wedding

Architectural twists perfectly complement an illusion neckline.

#312: Sleek French Twist

Sleek French Twist

A sleek French twist is striking yet simple to create. For a modern take, try adding subtle volume at the crown of the head.

#32: Small Buns For Thick Hair

Small Buns For Thick Hair

Blessed with thick hair? Ask your hairstylist for not one, but two smaller buns that they can expertly weave together for a modern coif.

#33: Vintage Wedding Hairstyle

 Vintage Wedding Hairstyle

If you’re inspired by vintage wedding details, borrow your hairstyle from a different decade, too, with pin-up curls that’ll make you feel like a starlet on your big day.

#34: Voluminous Updo Hairstyle For Wedding

Voluminous Updo Hairstyle For Wedding

Make the most of your stunning strands with an interwoven, voluminous updo.

#35: Low Side Bun Wedding Hairstyle

Low Side Bun Wedding Hairstyle

A graceful take on a low side bun.

#35: Wedding Hairstyle With Head Piece

Wedding Hairstyle With Head Piece

We love the way this bride arranged her headpiece on the back of her head instead of the front.

#36: Ombre Hair Pop

Ombre hair Pop

Make highlights or ombré hair pop with strategically placed twists of hair.

#37: Ballerina Buns

Ballerina buns

Ballerina buns are graceful and poised; the bigger the bun, the more dramatic the look. Wrap a braided strand around the base for a unique touch, or coordinate complementary updo styles with your bridesmaids to make a bold statement.

#38: Side Swept Chignon

Side Swept Chignon Wedding Hairstyle

A wavy, side-swept chignon is a natural choice for a boho or rustic-themed wedding.

#39: Layered Cut On Wedding Day

Layered Cut On Wedding Hairstyle

If you have a layered cut, leave out some curls to softly frame your face. Add sparkling chandelier earrings to complete the romantic look.

#40: Multi Updo Wedding Hairstyle

Multi Updo Wedding Hairstyle

A multi-tiered updo complements (not competes with) this Indian bride’s vibrant attire and beautiful jewelry.

#41: Waterfall Twist Hairstyle For Wedding

Waterfall Twist Hairstyle For Wedding

A subtle waterfall twist is a beautiful addition to long, loose waves.

Braided Hairstyles

#43: Double Braid Wedding Hairstyle

Double Braid

Take a page out of Game of Thrones with long and loose tendrils framed with double braids.

#44: Milkmaid Braid Wedding Hairstyle

Milkmaid Braid Wedding Hairstyle

Show off ultra-long locks with a milkmaid braid and floral headpiece.

#45: Dutch braid Hairstyle Foe Wedding

Dutch braid Hairstyle Foe Wedding

Play up soft, flowing locks with a crossed Dutch braid in the back.

#46: Tousled Updo

Tousled Updo

Integrate pretty plaits on the side of a tousled updo

#47: Halo Braid Hairstyle

Halo Braid Hairstyle

Stunning from all angles, this halo braid leads to a coiled updo (baby’s breath optional).

#48: Side Fish Tail Braid

Side Fish Tail Braid

For a more edgy look, go for a tight braid that starts at the very top of your head

#49: Fish Tail Wedding Style

Fish Tail Style

The looser your braid, the more carefree the vibe — like this stunning fishtail style.


#50: Chunky Loose Braid On Wedding Day

Chunky Loose Braid

Get creative with a chunky, loose braid dotted with sprigs of greenery.


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